Electronic Cigarettes: Good alternative to Smoking or Health Hazard?

E-Cigarettes are quite popular over the last decade. Millions have taken it over smoking as they have the perception that it is harmless or safer than traditional cigarettes. Moreover, numerous individuals use it as a means to stop smoking. But, they end up utilizing both and exposing themselves to the dangers of these products.

There are various reasons that you should not vape. Let’s discuss one by one. Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine that is not at all safe. It is not only highly addictive, but it also causes changes in the adolescent brain. It is very harmful and can affect memory as well as attention. Also, it is dangerous during pregnancy because it can damage unborn babies. In fact, it is advisable that pregnant women should not use anything with nicotine. The second reason is, electronic cigarettes can harm the lungs by exposing it to other substances. It contains dicetyl that can cause popcorn lung, which is an irreversible lung disease. Another reason is, it contains aerosol that further contains toxicants, solvents, and flavorings. According to the surgeon general, they are either harmful or potentially harmful.

It has been seen that those who use this are more likely to start using regular tobacco also. Nowadays teenagers are more attracted towards e-cigarettes. This is because of the marketing, flavors and the perception that it is not harmful and this tempts teens to begin vaping. It will further increase the chances of smoking conventional cigarettes later. Electronic-cigarettes are not completely risk-free. But, the thing that comes into play is that it claims to carry just a fraction of the harm. You can take this quiz if you want to know more about harmful effects of e-cigarettes. Although electronic cigarettes have helped many in quitting smoking, no proof says it is safe.

In fact, researchers say that it is less harmful than cigarettes, but they have also added that taking nicotine in any form is an addictive drug. It is a product of tobacco, and no tobacco use is safe. So it is better to refrain from vaping, e-cigarettes and smoking in order to live a healthy life. For instance, you can explore HealthIQ.com to get more quizzes.